Bob Munson

About Bob Munson

“I’m retired in Danville, CA. with a lot of time on my hands, and I love bridge and analysis of bridge hands.  I’m a huge fan of The Bridge World magazine.  My analysis may not ever be of their caliber, but by posting, I can possibly receive helpful corrections and insights that I have missed.  I tell my students that they (and I) will never stop learning – what a great game!

Most posts that I make will be from hands played in a 2-table individual game that I organize in the San Francisco East Bay area.  The players are quite strong, all friends, and simply play for the enjoyment of the game.  In the post-mortem, I like to capture what happened to see if there are lessons to be learned.  I certainly hope for no offense to the parties involved in the play and ask any reader to call me out if I have been blinded, unable to see my own shortcomings on a given deal.” –Bob Munson